The (3 MOST POPULAR) Types of Security Fence & Their Benefits

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Advantages of Different Security Fences
Advantages of Different Security Fences
Having a security fence can enhance the appeal of your property, house, and business. It can add value and elegance to a variety of private or public property where crime is more common. Fence FAST installs many different styles and types of security fences to suit just about any need or situation.

Whatever your needs and tastes we are sure we have something for you. Of course with any fencing product there will be pros and cons to consider before diving in to this investment.

Let’s start by listing the pros and cons of different types of security fence;

Aluminum Security Fences:

Aluminum Security Fences
Aluminum Security Fences
Aluminum is a weather resistant and long-term durable fencing option that can last for decades. When we compare aluminum to other fencing materials it is incredibly strong while remaining somewhat flexible in high wind environments.

Another “pro” to building new security fence with this material would be the extremely low maintenance costs.

You can also order replacement parts for aluminum fence easily if needed.

A “con” to building new fence out of aluminum would be that no steel products can touch it or you have oxidation, corrosion, and other issues. Other “cons” to consider with an aluminum fence can be scratches and dents from regular use over time.

Aluminum fences have great eye-appeal and make a classy choice for high traffic areas. You can also install a new aluminum safety fence around your swimming pool, walkway fall protection and much more.

PVC / Vinyl Security Fencing:

Just like with the aluminum fence, this type of fencing lasts for decades also. The best part about new vinyl fencing is the lack of need to ever paint it. It can also withstand all kinds of extreme weather conditions and is highly impact resistant. It takes a lot of effort to damage this kind of fence material.

If by chance something gets dragged across it making deep scratches or leans against the vinyl surface causing cuts or scrapes, you won’t be able to see it with the naked eye. The color you choose is molded in to the vinyl and goes all the way through it.

The main “con” when purchasing vinyl fencing would be that it is not as strong as an aluminum fence. Also, most people choose white colored vinyl fence due to its neutral appearance. Installing vinyl fence of any other color can limit the color choices for your home in the future.

Steel Security Fence:

This is the most popular security fence when compared to the other options. The feature people like most about it is its inherent elegance and strength that makes any property or yard look more classy. This is also an excellent choice if you’re shopping for a new fence where longevity matters. This type of steel fencing (wrought iron fence) is susceptible to corrosion or rust but it will take several decades before serious damage occurs.

Requiring very little maintenance, this is a great option to make your property feel elegant and formal. Many public places like hospitals, schools, and office buildings have opted to use wrought iron fence to help enhance the look and appearance of their properties while at the same time securing it.

Although wrought iron fences have the unique ability to withstand nearly all types of weather, they are still susceptible to graffiti. The final “con” for wrought iron fences is that it’s probably the most expensive fence option that was covered in this article. However, the price increase will be nominal if your yard is small and this type of new fence is nearly indestructible.

Security Fence Conclusion

Adding a new fence to your property can be an exciting time. At Fence FAST we hope you will just give us a chance at being your fence contractor. It can’t hurt to call and see what specials we may be offering, closeouts on certain types of fencing, or occasionally we may be offering a discount code that can be used with your fence purchase!

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