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Fence Types

Which style of fencing best fits your privacy, style, or pet requirements?

Privacy Fencing

We have some very fancy privacy fencing with all the beels and whistles, down to the basics for the economy minded. Vinyl and wood are the most popular choices.

Border Fences

Sometimes neighbors don’t respect your privacy or give property lines any consideration. We can help you secure your property border in style.

Animal / Pet Fencing

You don’t want to take any chances with inferior fencing for your animals! Call us today to find out if we have any pet fencing specials this month.

Farm Fences

These are long stretches of fencing that can range from barbed wire to vinyl rail fencing as seen above. We have all kinds of solutions for farmers!

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Whether you're are just trying to pen up a new puppy, or you own a 5000 acre cattle ranch in Texas, Fence FAST™ can handle nearly any fence job you have. From wooden privacy fences, to vinyl property border fences, we build them all. And best of all, we do it FAST.

That's because we partner with local contractors to bring you a modern combination of technology and local businesses. That's right, when you support us you support the local economy.

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