4 Popular Alternatives To Installing Wood Fencing

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If you’ve been giving some serious thought to installing a fence around your backyard or property, you’ve no doubt considered all the various fencing choices and options including wood fences. Today I’m going to cover some of the more common pitfalls that you may or may not have considered before you invest in the wrong fence.

If you ask most people what kind of fence they envision around their home, the classic American Dream usually includes a wooden white picket fence surrounding a perfectly manicured lawn complete with gorgeous lawn furniture. However, there are 4 popular choices available to you for your fence barricade that aren’t wood fencing.

The next most desirable fencing on the list of contenders would be chain link fencing, then concrete fencing, invisible fencing for your dogs, and finally barbed wire. Your choice of fencing types is critical to the safety of your family, your pets, your property, and your future relationships within your neighborhood.

The #1 choice after wood fencing?
Chain Link Fencing.

rubber coated chain link fencingThe chain link fencing is the most obvious choice for simplicity and budget-friendly requirements. You get safety and restriction but chain link fencing offers no privacy and has a standard 4 foot height restriction. This can be dangerous with large dogs that can easily jump over the short fence, and kindergarten-age children can figure out how the gate operates and or how to climb over the fence.

Another consideration would be for those who live in housing developments that have Homeowners Associations. There is a good chance if you belong to an HOA that you will not be granted the building permits to install chain link fencing. Be sure to check with your HOA to see what the rules are.

The #2 most desirable fencing?
Concrete Fencing.

This type of fencing can be very stylish, or Nate, and beautifully done. It can entail fancy designs, multiple colors, or just plain concrete panels, however, it doesn’t matter which style you go with you will get maximum privacy, but pay maximum price too.

However, even the ultimate in fencing has its drawbacks. If you should ever want to move the fence line, a section of it, or remove it completely, you would be looking at a costly endeavor. Another drawback is the anti-social sentiment that a complete privacy fence like that offers. Neighbors baby offended or may feel compelled to be extra nosy just to discover what you’re hiding behind that big concrete wall. Concrete fencing offers the ultimate and both privacy and sound insulation.

Whatever could be the 3rd most popular fence you’re thinking?
Invisible Fence.

invisble dog fencingSince the majority of people shopping for new fencing in America are doing so because they just acquired a puppy, it’s no wonder that this type of offense has become so popular these days. This electric Marvel involves some underground wiring and receivers 2 create an invisible boundary for a homeowners pets. If you are primary goal is to keep your small children inside your yard you’ll want to keep shopping. This Electric hidden fence uses a collar that delivers a light electric shock to the animal until they come back inside the yard.Child services may frown on this type of restraint for your children.

This is usually an acceptable option for your HOA but it’s prone two power outages which make is benefits null and void, and this type of outdoor electric technology is prone to lightning strikes. Replacement batteries can also become burdensome and leave your electric fence inoperable for your pets.

The last and final 4th option?
Barbed Wire.

If you really want to send a social networking message or shock your neighbors in one decisive act, installing a barbed wire fence should do the trick. Of course, I doubt seriously if that is your intended goal, but it’s most appropriate if you live in the country and own any type of livestock. Although barbed wire fencing is an option at Fence FAST, it’s reserved exclusively for livestock and obviously has no place in residential areas or housing developments (usually).

However, if you happen to own a farm and you’re in need of thousands of feet of fence posts and barbed wire fencing, Fence FAST is the company you want to call first. We have a vast Nationwide network of fencing contractors and all the best fencing supplies and connections that you could hope for. Give us a call for a great price today.

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